2014 Toyota 4Runner Performance and Fuel Economy


The 2014 Toyota 4Runner is more comfortable on roadway than anticipated, and its phenomenal off-road talent is undiminished. However, gas mileage isn’t its finest function; families and prudent motorists should guide toward a car-based crossover instead.

Engine and Performance

The 2014 Toyota 4Runner meets its SUV appearance, with every bit of off-road ability factored into its suspension and drivetrain. We think it’s relatively qualified on the street too, though various other evaluations discover it a poor replacement for a crossover.

2014 Toyota 4Runner side

The 2014 Toyota 4Runner is a large, heavy SUV, though nowhere near as bulky as Toyota’s own Sequoia. It’s offered with a single drivetrain, one that pairs a 4.0-liter V-6 engine, making 270 horsepower and 278 pound-feet of torque, with a five-speed automatic transmission. The combination is strong enough to provide competitive acceleration, whether taking off from a stoplight, climbing up a steep trail or driveway, or passing at highway speeds. The quick-shifting automatic constantly seems to be on its game, though it’s at least one cog behind the state of the art, if not 3.

No matter which model you choose, the 4Runner has the basics to manage off-road obstacles with ease. There likewise are some differences, throughout models, in exactly how the car delivers its power to the pavement– or do not have thereof. V-6 SR5 models are provided either with rear-wheel drive or a part-time four-wheel-drive system, while Trail models are just provided with that 4WD system.

In Trail grade (the off-road model), this SUV consists of a host of systems and electronics implied to match the sturdy off-road hardware. Crawl Control uses electronics to keep a slow-moving, stable speed when in reduced range, while a Multi-Terrain Select system enables driver-selectable levels of electronically allowed wheel slip for surfaces varying from soft sand or snow to strong rock. The Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System (KDSS) that’s optional in the Trail model utilizes hydraulics to lower motions on-road or enhance off-road traction and riding convenience, with more wheel travel because circumstance.

Restricted models get a separate full-time four-wheel-drive system that’s more road-oriented. It’s a supposed X-REAS system with digitally adjusting dampers, tailored for flatter cornering and pavement surface areas.

It’s on pavement where the 2014 Toyota 4Runner does much better than we ‘d anticipate for such an expert, though our opinions aren’t too extensively shared. Steering feel and maneuverability are unexpected thrills; at reduced speeds especially, the vehicle handles with better accuracy and control than you might expect from such a huge, heavy model, and visibility isn’t really bad.

However you’ll be reminded you’re in a tall automobile with soft sidewalls and a safe suspension calibration if you assault corners too rapidly. It’s everything about expectations: if you’re hoping for carlike maneuverability and presence, you’ll be dissatisfied, but as an upgraded variation of the SUV circa 1990, the car feels advanced for its kind.

2014 Toyota 4Runner

2014 Toyota 4Runner Fuel Economy

The gas mileage of this car does not fare too terribly, for what can be a genuinely inefficient SUV.

The EPA has actually devalued the 2014 Toyota 4Runner somewhat, though. Fuel economy is down to 17 miles per gallon city, 22 miles per gallon motorway, a loss of 1 mpg on the motorway cycle.

Bear in mind that those scores hold true for the rear-wheel-drive edition; with 4×4, it has actually been ranked at 17/21 mpg, another 1-mpg downer.

There are seven-passenger crossovers that match or go beyond those numbers. The 4Runner’s body-on-frame layout has some benefits off-road or when carrying heavy loads, but its included weight (compared to contemporary car-based crossovers) and boxier body completely just aren’t as great for gas mileage.

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